View your smartPCN files with the powerful pcn.inspector.
Easy access to all data of the smartPCN.
No registration needed. Your data is kept confidential and
not stored within our systems. Upload .spcn or .zip files

Make use of the standardized digital format for product change and discontinuation notifications (PCN/PDN)

This pcn.inspector website allows to open and view smartPCN/VDMA 24903 datasets sent by your business partners.
The access to the viewer is free of costs, without registration and no data is stored within our systems, except a temporarily storage in memory during processing and displaying. All data is deleted by closing the session.
The pcn.inspector is part of the pcn.cockpit suite - a professional system for the management of PCN/PDN based on the digital standard smartPCN. When you received a smartPCN file via email, store the file locally and upload it to the pcn.inspector.
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The whole PCN management
standardized, easy, efficient.

The completely digital PCN management system based
on smartPCN and VDMA 24903
For more informations about the PCN management,
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About smartPCN

smartPCN is the digital format for product change and discontinuation notifications.

The smartPCN format as developed by the Component Obsolescence Group Germany (COGD e.V. and standardized with the German standard VDMA 24903. An IEC standard is in preparation. A smartPCN file is a .zip file consists of an XML file with all relevant data and optional attachments. smartPCN can be applied to all kinds of products, components, material, software, services and documents.


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